Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 Reasons

I've been in a funky mood lately...

I'm sad that we're still not parents.

I'm going crazy since I'm not working (staying home is definitely not for me... I just miss working!)

I'm frustrated with finances.

So... I thought I'd write 5 reasons why I'm HAPPY or CONTENT to be where I'm at. So... here I go.
Its hard to think of reasons of happiness in the midst of things not being how I'd want them to be.

I'm happy to be not be a mom yet because...
*I get to stick to my schedule
*I can sleep in (even though I don't!) and nap time can be for me... whenever and how ever long
*I get to hang out with friends and their kids for some time (which is fun!) but then get to go home to just my hubby (and Wenda)
*My house is quiet, calm, and relaxing
*I can watch lots of movies all day long on rainy days! :)

I'm happy to stay home and not work because...
*I can be crafty
*I can organize
*I can bake/cook and experiment with recipes
*I can work on creating a healthy lifestyle - walking/running more, meal planning
*I can go to the library all day if I wanted! Or the beach! :)

I'm happy financially where we are at because...
*We're learning less is more
*Learning to budget, stick to a budget and it will benefit us in the future (when we have a bigger budget).
*Creative dating
*Learning that we don't have to make lots nor have lots of stuff to make us happy. (that's a hard one though... sometimes I think If I only had... then it would make life easier/better) (Gotta stop that thinking!!)
*We appreciate what we have (or at least try to!)

This post was really about making me see things in a positive light in where WE are at in our stage of life. Please, please don't take any of this the wrong way--I'm just having one of those days that I needed to think about why my glass is half full.

What about you? What are some of the positives of your not-so-great experiences or stage of life currently?

Some days, we just need to look at the positives. :)

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