Friday, June 10, 2011

All about Wenda

Wenda is our lovely dog that we adopted Jan. 2011 from a local animal shelter. We have been really wanting a dog since we don't have any kids but we had to wait until we were home owners first. From the features she has, we believe she may be a lab/basset hound mix with maybe springer. Who knows. We love her anyways. :)

Some ask us how we got the name "Wenda".  Originally, I thought that I'd like to get a male dog and call him Waldo (Yes, I wanted to name our dog a name I'd NEVER name a kid). However, the second animal shelter we went to had two puppies that were siblings. There was an all black male and then there was... a female with white feet/chest. How unique! Seeing her for the first time, I knew that she was 'the one'! My plan of naming our dog Waldo fell through--so my husband asked Are there any female characters in the 'Where's Waldo' books? The next thing I knew I was looking it up--there sure was! Wenda is the girlfriend of Waldo who has a twin sister Wilma. I was second guessing the name after we got her. Wenda is such a weird name... but it totally fits her!

We absolutely love having Wenda even though she digs holes in our flower beds and barks at us (only us--maybe she has some anxiety?). However, her gentle nature with kids, sweet personality, and her ability to just be so dang cute melts our hearts! We're excited to see how big she'll grow.

Here's some pictures of when we first got Wenda.

Kisses in our half done kitchen. ;)

Hot Dog!

So tiny!

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