This is my page dedicated to goals in my life. Gotta have goals to be motivated!

Fitness Goals:
-Walk Wenda 5x a week for at least 30 minutes (2 miles)
-Start to run - Run at least 2 out of the 5 days  {I walk AND run now all 5 days!!}
-Start Couch to 5k
-Finish Couch to 5k
-Run a 5k
-Complete 30 Day Shred
-Go on a day long hike with the hubby
-Go on a multi-day hike with the hubby
-10 pushups in a row
-20 pushups in a row
-30 pushups in a row
-Run a mile in under 8 minutes

Weight Loss Goals:
-Weigh in at 145 lbs
-Weigh in at 140 lbs
-Weigh in at 135 lbs
-Weigh in at 130 lbs
-Weigh in at 125 lbs
-Weigh in at 120 lbs
-Get to a healthy BMI (at least 24.9 which would
put me at 132 lbs)
-Wear a two piece (last time I did that was on my
honeymoon ;) )
-Fit into a size 10 {Completed 6/17}Bought size 10 jeans at Goodwill! Perfect price to keep me motivated to keep losing. Why spend more if I am going to be in the next size down soon? ;)
-Wear clothing in single digits!
-Wear a size 8/9  Bought size 6! A little snug but totally could pull it off!
-Wear a size 6/7
-Wear a size 4/5

Other goals:
-By new clothes when I reach my goals!
-Makeover. ;)
-Go on a cruise with the hubby!
-Have a baby ;)
-Visit family in Florida yearly (at least!)
-Go to New York
-Be debt free
-Get a job (whether that's teaching or something else) - I've got 2 jobs now! At a school and at a children's boutique (ironic, yes, I know!).

Wish list

-Get a new bike
-Get new work out clothes
-New waterbottle
-Smoothie Maker/blender
-Apple computer ;)
-New vehicle (new to us) (Yes, we are BOTH driving around
in 10+ old cars!!)
-Ipod (or get mine to work...)