Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wenda's Toy

Have you ever had your dog chew up something? Shoes? Socks? Towels? Flip Flops?

We did. Wenda loves to chew. She's been doing so great until I found her chewing up my flip flop about a week ago. (AHH!)

Time to get some new toys.

We previously tried lots of toys: bones (which we have about 3 floating around the house), rubber toys, stuffed toys, tennis balls, etc. Nothing but the bones would survive longer than a week or two. For being 25 pounds of cuteness, she definitely has a strong set of jaws that loves to chew!

About a week ago I bought a StarMark Everlasting Ball for 21.99 at Petco. I thought, for so much money, I'm sure this will hold up and Wenda won't bite it into pieces.


Wenda loved the toy I brought her home that day--she loved it so much in fact that she had it ripped apart within an hour with blue pieces everywhere! I was SO disappointed. This toy was meant for dogs under 40 lbs and I thought it was sure to last. Wenda apparently had too much fun, and has the chewing strength of a dog over 40 lbs.

I emailed the company, and told them how disappointed I was after spending $21.99. That night the marketing director emailed me offering to send me a replacement toy better suited for my dog! I was so ecstatic! It's so hard trying to figure out what to get a new dog when there are so many toys out there.

It took less than a week for the company to ship a new toy--the Everlasting Bento Ball.


Wenda absolutely loves it! She has been playing with it since she got it on Tuesday. She has NOT chewed it to pieces nor has she demolished the toy--it's fabulous! Every night she has had a hard time parting with it for bedtime--the last two mornings it worked like a charm keeping her busy.

*Update: She has chewed a small piece off but that's it!

I really, really appreciate the replacement--that really tells me a lot about the company as a whole. To take time and listen to costumers then offer to send another toy really demonstrates a company's integrity. We will DEFINITELY be buying more treats to put into Wenda's Everlasting Bento Ball.

So if you are looking for some dog toys--totally check out StarMark's toy products here! I believe that they are a good company and is willing to listen to it's customers!

They also have a free downloads for Triple Crown's Training and Behavior Solutions.

Yes, Wenda has been tired out from her new toy and is currently passed out sleeping! :) 

*This post was just my opinions and experiences - StarMark did not pay me to write this--I just wanted to share how pleased I was! Thanks StarMark.

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