Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Summer Schedule


I've decided to have a "schedule" for this summer (other than walking Wenda every morning at 7/7:30 am).

I was thinking about having a day of the week when I post about different topics. It's kind of like having a deadline... at least, for my sake. I am one that if I sit home, I'll sleep in, eat doughnuts, watch movies, eat popcorn, stay in my jammies all day, eat cake, play the Wii, eat some cookies, etc. And then realize, crap it's 6pm and the hubby is coming home soon, I better get going! So this summer, I want it to be different!

I'm thinking about doing something like this...
Mondays: Healthy Living - Mondays are my weigh in days. So on Mondays I am going to meal plan (I might just share with you what I'm making for the week), to get groceries, and to let you in on how I am doing with my exercise. :) And I think I might recap on what happened (if anything) over the weekend. :)
Tuesdays: Tasty Tuesdays - Making a NEW recipe and sharing it with you!
Wednesdays:  Weeding Wednesdays - Weeding through my stuff and organizing one drawer/cupboard at a time!
Thursdays: Thankful Thursdays - This will allow me to reflect on something that I am thankful for. When it seems like the glass is half empty, it's good to look on the positive side of things.
Fridays: Fun Fridays - The crafty thing I have been working on all week. ;)

I will probably be really quiet over the weekend--so I can spend some quality time with the hubby!

Do you have a schedule or goals for your blog? I think I just need something to keep me going during the week! :)

Looking forward to my whole entire summer!! :)

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  1. I love this idea! Maybe you can make buttons and have your followers (or just me lol) join in sometimes :) Have a great summer!