Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Engagement pictures... again?

Yes, well. Kind of.

I have been really really wanting our picture taken for Christmas cards and for our new home. I felt awkward asking people about family pictures because we obviously don't have any kids! A lot of photographers want stinkin' cute kids for family portraits---someday that will be us but right now it's only Josh and I.

That's when I saw Leigha Jane Photography's website (through facebook) and decided to see if she'd be willing to take pictures of a boring couple. ;) What really stood out with the photography was the fact that she didn't charge a "sitting fee" or any fees up front! Her prices for photos are really reasonable--it was all affordable. I appreciate that.

They turned out wonderful... I'm REALLY happy, and can't wait to order them!

The color version of this will probably be our Christmas cards this year! It's our 3rd Christmas together and we've NEVER sent out Christmas cards! :)
Leigha - "Who wants to sit in the chair?"  Obviously, we were quite distracted.
This one we plan on getting really big for our living room.
We definitely have quite a few favorites! It'll be tricky picking out the ones we want to buy for our parents, and our new home!

Thanks Leigha! We had a REALLY great time---and I promise to work on my "soft smile" before next time. ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wow! I love....

Sew Dang Cute! I've been a reader now for quite a while (my husband calls me a 'blog-a-holic').

It is Sew  Dang Cute's 1 year blogiversary!

And to celebrate, Tam has 16 giveaways happening now! :) Head on over there before Friday evening to enter! There are some FABULOUS giveaways! It's amazing! :)

I finally entered almost every one and I'm keeping my fingers crossed--maybe I'll win something this time! :)

Go check it out....