Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I used to think...

I used to think that staying home all day every day would be so easy. Especially with only my hubby and I. I used to think that getting things done around the house would come naturally. It doesn't.

I used to think that teaching was the greatest job ever--summers off, paid okay, and it's always fun. I used to think that being a teacher would mean going home early, leaving things at school, and that all students would learn & I could tell. No where in my mind was the thought that teachers do a lot of work (outside school), work 'over time' and truly does not get paid as well as they should be.

I used to think that becoming a mom would be easy. No one told me about infertility. Not everyone has to go through it. I used to think when we're ready, we will be parents. It will be easy.

I used to think that I could eat whatever I want. I was wrong. Now I love food and it's hard to lose years of weight from eating the food I indulged in.

I used to think I would never get married... at least early on. I used to think that only guys could ask girls out--until I asked my hubby to go on a double date way back in 2004. I used to think that I wouldn't settle down by the age of 25 until I said "I do" on May 17, 2008 (when I was 22!).

I used to think that I'd never make it through college. I did.  My bachelor's in English: Language Arts. What an accomplishment!

I used to think that I'd never get a job...

I used to think that having everything that I wanted would make me happy--it won't.
Being happy is a choice--a choice I try to make every. single. day.

"I used to think" writing prompt {1 out of 20}

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  1. Neat list...where do you find your writing prompts?