Monday, May 16, 2011


You know when your house feels... cluttered? Messy? Full of... stuff? Yes, that's how I was feeling.

Then we purged. Oh, yes, we did.

We put things into piles of keep, sell, and trash.

Last week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we hosted a garage sale at our house with 5 other families. It was a lot of work and not well thought/planned out. However it was fun and it was great seeing my old, unused stuff treasures go off with other people. I'm sure the other ladies felt the same way!

I feel pleasantly free.

Free from clutter. Just free.

My husband a few weeks back helped my grandparents go through their things since they sold their house. He came home and told me that he realized that he doesn't want to do that when we're older--that we should start now. :)

Every day I see myself becoming more and more like my husband in that way--needing/craving organization, wanting less stuff, desiring a clean house. If you know me, I'm the one that says "I'll do it later" and later means 2 weeks later, maybe.(I have good intentions...)

The garage sale was a great success--with our stuff alone, we made $5 shy of $400. Wow! Who knew we had that much stuff? We sold old appliances (and practically gave one away for 20 bucks.... ), home decor, clothes and everything in between. I think I'm still in shock with how much we sold.

On top of that we put money into the cash box which we got back--so altogether we are putting over $500 towards debt! With our tax refund, we get to put another $500 towards debt this month making it $1000 total! Wow, what a payment! :)

Dave Ramsey would be proud.
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In the last 16 months we have paid off a car loan ($2,000), husband's college loan ($3,000) and a medical bill ($700) and boy does it feel good! Any extra money goes toward the debt!

Of course we still have 2 credit card bills (related to the house-new appliances, new cabinets, new "stuff"), my college loan, and our home! We hope by the end of the summer we can pay the two credit cards--especially with a payment like $1000 will definitely help! Here's to the debt snowball--we CAN and WILL do it!

I just want to be free! :)

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