Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm Baaaackk!

I'm back! The last few months have I've been going through some ups and downs--and now I'm on break from one job (Christmas break rocks!) and still workin' the other one. Since I have some free time, I wanted to gather some ideas of items I may want to make in the next two weeks!

Pinterest has been SOOO inspiring! :)

First, we've been deciding whether or not we want to go vegan over at our household. I've been toying with this idea for many reasons: 1) I need to eat healthier. 2) We've been watching documentaries, and researching... we realize we consume too much meat. 3) We've also learned that dairy really isn't that healthy for us! 4) I need to lose weight. 5) Our diet, the way we live, and the toxins in the things around us may contribute to our infertility. 6) Out of curiousity, I'd like to see how my body reacts to a vegan diet. Now, I know it's going to be hard--and planning out meals is key to success. We've decided that December 31st, we're going to clean out all the cupboards, print out all the meal plans and recipes, and start fresh in 2012! We've already made small changes this month in preparing for next month like drinking almond milk (which has more calcium than cow's milk!), trying a few vegan meals a week, and incorporating more fruits and veggies in our lunches. Ultimately, I would love to just eat 'raw'--raw fruits and veggies, but it takes baby steps. :)

Since realizing that I've wanted to change my diet, I've realized we have lots of things we put on our bodies (shampoo, deorderant, lotions, etc) contain harmful chemicals that I don't want in my body! Our skin is the biggest organ, and truly takes in whatever we put on it. In lieu of all these harmful things, my goal is to also change out our hair/body items and cleaning items to things that are more natural. I've been so naive that the makers of the items I use have the best in mind for my body--and I've trusted them for years! It's time to change it up!

So here are some natural things I'd like to do during break:

Gentle, All Natural Deodorant Stick Recipe - tells WHY it's better to NOT buy anti-persperant. Very interesting. Goal is to make and get rid of ALL my current stuff I use now!

All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Dishwasher Soap, Laundry Soap Recipes @ Design Finch. There's also some great recipes at Young House Love. Out with the chemicals, in with the all natural cleaners!

Homemade organic facial wipes recipe and how to with Ann Marie @ white house, black shutters. Technically, it's babywipe recipe but can be changed a little for makeup remover!
The hubby and I are also trying to get our house a little more like home. We've passed our one year mark, and honestly, after all the painting, and repairs--decorating has been on the back burner! However, we stayed up one night to rearrange the furniture in our living room adding a rug we had and an old sewing machine desk (I don't know what to really call it!) for our tv console! It looks good. My mom sewed some curtains with bolt of fabric we bought for $17! It's all coming together, and all very neutral, so... I need to add more interesting details! Here are some ideas for our living room...

The picture of the flowers I think I can do myself on plywood or something.... this was posted @ Decorno. I just love the look!

Tanya @ Trey and Lucy made big flowers that can go on pillows (or hats, etc). I need to dress up the couch, this would be perfect! Trying to find ways to add color.
Stacy @ Not Just a House Wife made this super cute frame! I'm not sure where I could put a frame like this but I want one! Maybe this will be my first project using a jigsaw!
Plank Frames from Project Cottage on Etsy. These look great but I think I can make 'em - we're on a budget. :)
 Up next, some ideas for the kitchen. The kitchen is a little bit more decorated but still needs work.
Floating shelves from Knock off wood posted @ Young House Love! Our upper cabinets are higher in the kitchen, making it perfect to put narrow floating shelves in for spices and such. This would be perfect!
Butcher Block Inspiration @ Johnny In a Dress. I can always use splashes of fun colors in the kitchen! I'm thinking teal...
Since we're starting and trying NEW recipes, I love this idea....
Recipe Cards DIY
Mason Jar Herb Garden @ Camille Styles - I've got the PERFECT spot for this!! What a neat idea. I think I'm able to do this... the hard part is figuring out which herbs I'd like to grow!
Kitchen Towel @ Make Life Sweet - SO adorable!!
Etched Dish Soap Tutorial @ lil blue boo. What a creative way to put it on the counter, so much more beautiful than the bottle. :)
And of course there's time for bedroom stuff (we hope to make progress on our empty, white room during break!) and other stuff...

Prayer Board @ Dukes and Dutchesses - We've been wanting a place to post our prayers, this is a fantastic idea! We'd probably put it in our bedroom.
I love you because @ Eighteen25 - She sells them on etsy but I think I can make something similar... once again, DIY budgeting!
you + me = aWEsome @ pumpkin and butterfly. LOVE this! I think I can get crafty and make it myself. But, she has them for sale if you can't make it. ;)
And... I'll need to finish my list tomorrow since it's so big. :)

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