Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh, it's been TOO long.

So much has happened over the past few months, it's been unreal.

There of course were the 'ups' and the 'downs' but I'm really blessed to have the man I love right by my side through it all. Maybe someday I'll write about the not-so-good parts but for now, we're keeping this post positive!

I have been failing miserably at this blog lately! So sad! We've both been really busy around here. My hubby is now working with high school students at our local Tech Center and absolutely loves it. I definitely get props for helping him submit his stuff to that job--he looks forward to it everyday! ;)You know what they say, if you love what you do then it's the right job for you. :) He's super excited to go back to school to get his teaching certificate and start teaching in about 4/5ish years. I have also had the opportunity to work with kids every day... but the totally opposite age--kindergarten! And boy oh boy do I love it! I'm not teaching this year but am learning new things every day as I help out seasoned teachers with their classrooms. I have so many ideas running through my head that when I do have my own classroom, I can apply those ideas! It's truly is a blessing how this has all worked out--what a great way to observe different teaching styles and lessons. It's fantastic. I'd absolutely be honored to be a kindergarten teacher someday--and hopefully sooner than later! As well as working full time in a school, I work part time at a store--so during many weeks, you can find me working anywhere from 45-60ish hours a week. Crazy but love the idea of saving, paying off debt, and contributing to our income.

Thanksgiving break is coming up, and I thought to myself, I MUST get craftier. Since I have 5 days off next week, I'm planning on doing 5 Pinterest Inspired Projects (DIY crafts/decor, sewing, or recipes). Are you excited? I am! I'm going to plan out the inspiration that will motivate me in the next few days. So starting next Monday, I'll be doing something fabulous and posting about it! Yippee! That will get me ready for Christmas Break (2 full weeks of Pinterest Projects)!

In the mean time, I might do a pinterest project or two this week. We'll see. ;)

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