Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Goals

I decided that I needed some goals in my life... so I took some time to think of the goals I wanted to accomplish in April.

I broke them down into categories, and here's my category list with a few goals:
Walk Wenda at least 4 days out of the week
Lesson plan ahead; finish resume; start applying for jobs!
Do something fun with the hubby weekly (on purpose! aka planned)
Try a new recipe at least once a week
Try to speak Josh's love language once (or more) a week! (He's acts of service... and apparently I'm finding out that doing the dishes or the laundry just doesn't cut it)
Pray everyday! Make it a priority!
Find a book, and make the choice to read for an hour at least 2 times a week! (and no, my lesson plans/guides don't count)
Limit to 1-2 hours a day (I love watching movies...)
Keep with the budget; Start saving
Put together a detailed idea for 1 room in 1 week; to build at least 1 thing by the end of the month.
Start a list of what to save up for!
Make at least 1 crafty thing this month.

So, that's most of the list. :)

Anyways, I can cross one thing off for this week: a new recipe!

I was really craving a Lava Cake, so I found a recipe to make it.

The Ghiradelli Individual Chocolate Lave Cake recipe can be found here.

After dinner and dessert, Josh and I walked Wenda and then played in the back yard (without a leash!). She had so much energy... and enjoyed running in circles around me for 5 minutes straight!

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  1. Awesome list! Have fun accomplishing everything :)