Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who loves Etsy?

Oh, I do! I do!

I ♥ love Etsy. If you have never been to Etsy, I suggest you visit it! It's a great place to get homemade items and one of a kind things! I could spend all day looking on Etsy because there is SO much! So I decided to look a moment and find a few items that could be some inspirational pieces/decoration items or that are just plain adorable!
I found this piece a while ago--we've been going through some tough stuff and thought this would be something that would remind me that I will and CAN be grateful for every single day, even the "rainy" ones.

I just love how this artist puts lots of color, inspirational words, and fun into her artwork. I would love my home to be inspirational--maybe that's because my love language is words of affirmation.

Pillows.... I'm excited to finally have a place to sew because I think instead of buying some I can actually make some, but here's some cute pillows...


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Here's something colorful--josh thought I was crazy for liking this but I think this wreath would be so much fun on the front porch! Too bad it sold over a year and a half ago! I think it's pretty!

decorative wreath with birdie

Lights.... once again, I think I could get crafty and make some look alikes.
velvet circles
Big Big Shell Lampshade

At our new house we have a mailbox right outside our side door. We always joked that it was a selling point for us--whats better than getting the mail in your Pj's?! We love mail and we love our pj's, so it's perfect! Especially on chilly days! Here's a fabulous mailbox that I think we may end up getting (or one like it!):

White Poppy Townhome

Cute! Cute! Alright, enough with Etsy for today! Can you see why I love etsy?! :)

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