Monday, June 7, 2010

Things are Blooming...

It's true!
 I bought my first hanging baskets ever! I think I'm so Dutch that I see them and think, well I can make that, why would I want to buy them? But I broke down, I took 10 dollars to the local greenhouse and told them I needed two hanging baskets. The little old lady with a cigarette in her hand pointed to a few options. She cut me a deal, so I didn't pay full price! :) It was awesome..

Something else is "blooming" too... well, kind of. It more so involves erin + power tools + wood. We I finished one third of it tonight. Yippee. Josh keeps telling me that it's my project so I get to do it all... that is until he sees something not straight, or 90 degrees...

Let's just say Josh is good at perfection when it comes to building something... and I just give it character. Opposites attract, what can I say?

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