Thursday, May 20, 2010

Live on Purpose!

Wow, what a great reminder! 
Every day DOES matter!
And that means,
I need to live on purpose!
It means,
making the most of EVERY day!
To count my blessings
rather than dwelling on the things I want.

I have my days...
maybe my weeks....
that it's hard
today matters.
So, I'm making the best of it.

**fyi - today is my major cleaning day. ha!


  1. Good reminder!!!

    I just realized that you aren't just not going on facebook, you've deleted your account! So I figured I'd have to talk to you here since I don't have your phone number. Would it be possible for me to swing by early afternoon on Saturday to drop off my stuff for Jen's party? I'll be out her way later in the afternoon, and the wine should probably be in the fridge, and then I can bring the other stuff I got so it's all there already. Will you be home?

  2. Hey Melissa!
    Yeah, my Facebook is gone! :)
    You can definitely swing by on Saturday. I should be home. If I am not home, I will leave the breezeway open. :)
    Do you know where we live? If you'd like, email me at