Sunday, May 20, 2012

365 Days

In 365 days a lot can change.

For Taralynn over at Undressed Skeleton it took her 365 days to finally feel comfortable in her skin. She's used her story to inspire others! How neat is that!

So, I took her up on her offer to join others in her 365 Day Challenge. You can read about it here.

Wow, look at that beautiful profile. ;) ha ha

Anyways, here's a look into my goals... not that I didn't have any before, but this makes me reconfirm them and explain them a bit better.

Erin's goals:

Eating - {to eat clean, vegan} {try new recipes} {avoid pop}
Exercise -  {implement & stick with an exercise routine}{run a 5 k}{to not disappoint my walking buddy: Wenda}
Weight - {feel comfy in my own skin} {lose 25 lbs} {gain muscle} {be in a size 4ish}
Blog - {post 3 times a week: eating/exercise, recipe/DIY, pinterest post}
Love - {continue dating husband} {practice speaking my hubby's love language}
Life - {being & thinking POSITIVE} {spending time with God in word & prayer}
Finances - {be frugal} {pay off debt} {save} {give} {to remember that I can't take money to heaven--only others!}

And... here I go!

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