Monday, February 20, 2012

Changing Habits

Some things are just out of our control--and the only thing we can do is adjust our attitude and then trust that God's got it. Because, really, He's got it under control.'s time to change my habits over at our house!

One thing that has been a total 'sucker of my time' has been...
Facebook is fantastic for keeping in touch with friends, family, and our neighbor's dog, but frankly, it's taken up way too much of my time. Not only is it fantastic for keeping in touch, it also makes way for the not-so-good: jealousy.

Whether you'd like to admit it or not, facebook entertains jealousy. "Oh, what a nice house they have, I wish I had that!" "Wow, they have a vacation home and a boat--why can't my life be that nice?" "They have a perfect life with perfect kids, I want that!" "Look at THAT car--I WISH I had that!" and the list can go on....

One huge one for me, "Oh, she's pregnant? Why can't I be?"

I see a lot of complaining due to kids/pregnancy/etc and want to shout out: "At least you HAVE kids or going to have them; do you know how many people would absolutely LOVE to trade situations?!"
I want to shout out in response to some, "It's not MY choice to be childless!"
I read too many status' that have me shouting so many things in my head that it's time for me to say good bye for a while.

Honestly though, I'm forgetting to mention that there are many who post wonderful things about their pregnancy/kids. I love it when I read when people are grateful and thankful for their pregnancy/kids--it makes me smile! As someone desperately desiring to have a family of my own, I truly appreciate people who don't take their pregnancy/kids for granted... they truly are a gift! I am learning that every. single. day. Thank you to those of you who post positive things on facebook! :) The world can always use more positivity--thanks for being an inspiration!

Instead of spending facebook time, I'm looking forward to putting my energies into spending time with the Lord, exercising, and spending quality time with the hubby. Tomorrow--I will sign off for a while.

My daily mission is to "honor God with my time AND my health (mental, physical, spiritual)".

So here's to a NEW week, with a NEW mission!

So are there any "suckers of your time" that keep you from things more important?


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  1. I agree with alot of what you said about Facebook. It does allow jealousy to take over (especially with the pregnancy announcements). I have thought a lot about giving up FB, but I have some amazing family members I don't keep up with outside of FB as often as I'd like, so rather than walking away from it - I cleaned up. I didn't unfriend people, because they are my friends and I do care about them, but I went through and hid everyone that isn't super important to me right now, or a family member that's too distant to get in touch with regularly, and I feel relief... And I feel like now when I do go on FB I can just spend my time connecting to those super important to me!