Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on us! :)

So... it has been a while.

We are currently trying to kick these colds we have out of our system! They are awful! Along with really sore throats and stuffy action going on, we have constant headaches! ugh. We are SO ready to be healthy again!

I must say, it's my first time being "sick" this whole school year so I really can't complain. :)

I went to Walgreens today---typically, I don't go there but they have some fabulous deals. Here's what I got (and it doesn't seem like a lot but boy the retail price is high!):

*yes, the hubby was along and saw the ice cream was on sale... and we compromised [we could get ice cream if I chose the flavor] hehe

This just off the shelves would cost me $23.39!

I paid $6.83!

Hurray! That's a savings of 70% and I love it!

Last week, we had lots of food in the house and we were busy that I didn't even need to grocery shop (I should have got the quick fabulous deals but life was too busy!)

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