Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New sewing machine!!

So, we had a FABULOUS Christmas. We are very blessed.

One of the things I recieved was a sewing machine! Yesterday from a friend who knew I really really wanted one called and told me she had a little surprise for me... as she opened her trunk, I knew exactly what it was! It was a terrific surprise. [now we can have a weekly sewing date...]

I learned I'm sewing machine illiterate but with my mom's help and the internet, we got it going. :) My first sewing project was a "quick" apron.

I added my initial instead of a pocket, and it was less than $4 to make! Yippee. It's definitely not perfect, but it's a start---and I think it looks fabulous.

Since I didn't have my hair done nor my make up, my gracious husband volunteered to model for you.

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  1. nice work Erin! THe initial is a great idea. Did you find the pattern online? I'm really looking forward to doing our sewing afternoons. Who knows what we'll come up with :)