Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New shoes and an Oath...

Okay... so I've been debating lately where to get my groceries. Yesterday, I finally decided to go to Walmart in Grand Haven (seriously like a 25 min ride from our house) (which isn't bad). I'm thinking I might go there more often... it's a big, brand new store, less people... it's quite nice.

I found $7 shoes... which were half off the original, so I thought I'd try them on! Comfy! I thought I'd share with you the "flashiness" of them... how sweeeeeet! Okay, they might be a little dorky...

Lately, Josh and I have really been slacking with laundry... I don't know how or why it's even got as bad as it is! ha. I think it was last week that I had Josh swear an unoffical oath about NOT folding his dirty (or things he wants washed) jeans! Seriously, who does that? [my husband!] Yes, I made him promise to NOT fold his dirty laundry because it CONFUSES his poor wife [that's me]!

**Photo taken out... lol, wow, too much detail when you click on it. So, it's out!** And yes, they were see through baskets. haha

The next night...
"Did you do the laundry" josh asks.
"What laundry... we have all clean clothes in there.." I reply from the kitchen.
"Whoops--sorry hun, I did it again. I folded my dirty jeans on top."

What will we do?!
[whoops I did it again] laundry is currently being washed.

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  1. Cute shoes!
    ...gotta love laundry...not! The worst part is, doing laundry is my job so it's awful when I get home from work and then have to do my own laundry! :)